All-Natural Flea & Tick Control

Meehan’s Turf Care, LLC, is now offering an all-natural flea & tick prevention program.

all natural flea and tick controlIt is a cedar oil/soap-based product that will not harm beneficial insects such as bees, butterflies, lady bugs and earthworms.

The program will help suppress the flea & tick populations in the lawn over the course of the season, and works in two ways.

  • On Contact – when fleas and ticks come in direct contact with the spray, the treatment kills them by eating away at their exo-skeletons.
  • As a Repellant – the aroma of cedar oil impairs the mental capacity of these pests.

Our program creates a barrier of re-entry to your property and makes your lawn an unfavorable environment for fleas and ticks.

We have had very positive feedback from our customers who took advantage of this natural program!

all natural flea and tick controlMTC is offering 2 programs.

8 Treatments, done from April to November.
5 Treatments, done from April to August.

Why so many treatments?

Ticks and fleas quickly have multiple generations.  The more often the lawn is treated, the better chances of keeping the population to a manageable level.

The program can be started anytime during the season.

It’s important to remember, this program is not a substitute for your pet’s current tick and flea products!

Flea and Tick Yard Sign

Meehan’s will leave this sign on on your lawn after flea & tick treatment.

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