The best way to share the results that we can provide is to let our customers do the talking.
Here are some lawn care testimonials from our clients throughout the Western Maryland area. Thank you to ALL of our clients who trust us with their lawn care needs. We love serving each and every one!

“Sean Takes Care of Everything…,”

“For years we have struggled with our lawn.  We recognized the importance that routine, scheduled fertilizer applications play in having a successful lawn, so we set out to do it on our own.  The seemingly simple task of going to the store, buying the supplies, and finding the time to apply the fertilizer always took a back seat to our busy lives and our lawn suffered.

“Enter MTC!  For not much more than I was paying for product, Sean takes care of everything, and most importantly, it actually gets done!  It’s important to us to support local small business over big national chains, but they don’t always deliver.  This is NOT the case with MTC.  Sean has proven to be fair, reliable, friendly, and professional.  His choice to use organic and pet friendly products is important to our family and shows that he is a conscientious business man.

“I highly recommend MTC to anybody who wants to have a great lawn and a great service experience.”

Brandon M.

“Sean Meehan is knowledgeable and responsible, and is very reliable.”

“When I reached agreement with a builder to construct a new home for me in Greencastle, Pennsylvania I was assured that all top soil would be conserved and returned to the property upon completion of construction. My home was built during the winter, so I could not evaluate the soil condition until spring, well after I closed on the home.

“Much to my disappointment, when the builder’s landscaper came to plant a lawn in the spring, I found that much of the two acres surrounding the home had less than two inches of topsoil, and in some areas there was under an inch. Needless to say, this attempt at establishing a lawn soon turned into a disaster. After the builder’s attempt at planting, less than a quarter of the yard supported grass, and there were far more weeds than there were blades of grass everywhere. During the summer the situation went from bad to worse, and by early July I was very discouraged.

“I contacted a national lawn service company for help. Not only did they fail to improve the situation, but they were very unreliable in the service they provided. When a neighbor asked me if I was satisfied with the condition of the lawn, I exclaimed I was very disappointed. My neighbor suggested that I contact Sean Meehan to see if anything could be done.

“In spite of the extremely poor conditions in August when Sean first saw the lawn, Sean agreed to try and salvage the situation. During that fall, and during the following spring and summer, he worked to restore what I viewed as having been a real disaster. Within a year I had a nice lawn, and with the help of Sean and Meehan Turf, my lawn has continued to thicken and grow so that I can now say that I have the best lawn in the development, and it is better than any lawn I have had in my previous homes. I give Sean Meehan the credit for this remarkable turn-around and for salvaging my lawn. I have no reservation in recommending Meehan Turf to anyone that has a lawn problem or needs help in establishing and maintaining a lawn.

“Sean Meehan is knowledgeable and responsible, and is very reliable.”

John H.

“We could not be happier with the (lawn) service…” – Kathy H.

“MTC (Meehan’s Turf Care) has been taking care of our lawn for several years. We could not be happier with the (lawn) service and our lawn has never looked better! I value Sean’s eco-friendly and pet friendly lawn programs that are organic based. I have several pets who enjoy our lawn as much as we do.

“Thanks to the new all natural fleas and tick program Sean recommended last year our pets were pest free and we could enjoy our backyard without mosquitoes.”

Kathy H.

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