Treatment of Turf Diseases

Treatment of Turf Diseases in Your Lawn

Lawn before and after Meehan's Turf Care in Hagerstown, MDWe monitor your lawn for the presence of turf diseases throughout the growing season.  

For clients who invest in one of Meehan’s Turf Care lawn care programs, we rarely have to treat for turf diseases. This is because we find that the healthy lawns that we care for actually will rejuvenate themselves without the repeated use of fungicides. Strengthening the lawn means it has the ability to fight off certain attackers. It is very much like a healthy human who can withstand the affects of viruses better than a person who is unhealthy prior to the virus’ attack.

As a rule, too many fungicidal chemicals can have a negative effect on the microorganisms that you’d like to foster – it’s best to let the issues correct themselves, where possible, while maintaining the overall health of the lawn to support it in the process.

treatment of turf diseases

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