Your Healthy Lawn is Our Mission

Our focus is on environmentally sound lawn care and making YOUR lawn healthy.   A healthy lawn is attractive and does not harm your family or your pets.

We provide an organic-based lawn care program that reduces the use of controlled materials (chemicals) on your lawn. This program creates the best results when the goal is a healthy lawn. Not only does this method provide a healthy lawn, but a lawn with the safest environment for you and EVERYONE that lives in the home.Meehans Lawn Care in Hagerstown, MD

At Meehan’s Turf Care, LLC (MTC), we are dedicated to helping you solve your lawn and turf problems by reducing the impact on the environment with our eco-friendly approach. We know there are many ways to do proper lawn care and landscape enhancement, but we believe this the BEST way to get results, while caring for the world around us.

Owner Sean Meehan has spent many years learning this industry, knowing what works Sean Meehan of Meehans Turf Care in Hagerstown, MDbest and the best way to get the best lawn care results. His commitment to getting those results, while doing what is best for the overall well-being of environment is the foundation for his methods.

Sean and his team offer both residential and commercial lawn care programs. MTC’s goal, no matter the customer, is to provide environmentally-sound lawn care. And, their commitment is to  accomplish this in a personalized, professional manner with superior results that can easily be seen

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